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If You Want to Avoid a Root Canal, Utilize Your Benefits!

October 21, 2022

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According to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), 59% of people are afraid of getting a root canal. This beats some other common fears, like public speaking, spiders, and being trapped in an elevator. The good news is there are multiple steps you can take to reduce your chances of needing a root canal in the near future, including using your dental insurance coverage for preventive care. Read on to learn more from your dentist about how you can keep your smile healthy!

Brush Twice Daily

Many adults slack on their daily brushing. By brushing your teeth twice every day, you are removing harmful plaque and bacteria that can cause issues like tooth decay and gum disease. It can even save you from needing a root canal.

Floss Every Day

Your toothbrush cannot clean every surface in your mouth. That’s why it’s so important that you floss every day. This will help you to clean away plaque and bacteria hiding between the teeth and beneath the gumline.

Wear a Mouthguard

Getting outside to play sports is great for your health, but dental injuries aren’t fun. Make sure that you always wear a mouthguard when you are engaging in contact sports or any activity where you could experience a blow to the face.

Limit Acidic and Sugary Foods

The acid in foods and drinks can soften the enamel, leaving it vulnerable to bacteria that are fueled by sugar. In the end, you are more likely to experience enamel erosion and decay. Save soda, energy drinks, and fruit juices for occasions.

Be Careful with Hard Foods

Be careful when eating foods that are particularly hard and can cause your teeth to chip or crack. When this happens, there’s an easy route for bacteria to navigate the center of your tooth. Ultimately, you will likely need a root canal performed by your dentist.

Utilize Your Preventive Coverage!

There are several different preventive dentistry services that are provided. Usually, they include regular oral exams, professional cleanings, and routine X-rays. These services are important because they help to prevent oral health issues from occurring in the future. Most dental plans cover preventive services because it is such an important part of your oral and overall health. If you haven’t utilized your dental insurance benefits for preventive care yet this year, there is no better time to do so. For most insurance companies, these benefits expire by the end of the year and do not carry over. If you don’t use it, your benefits will go to waste.

No one wants to have a root canal. Be sure to take the steps above to reduce your likelihood of requiring one. By scheduling your next visit before the end of the year, you’re a step closer to maintaining a healthy, strong smile!

About the Author

Dr. Anita Kianimanesh is an experienced dentist who has been working in the field for over a decade. After attending Georgetown University, she earned her dental doctorate from the Nova Southeastern University School of Dental Medicine. Currently, she’s a proud member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Spear Education Club. For more information on dental insurance or to schedule an appointment at her office in Falls Church, visit her website or call (703) 998-4244.

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