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Emergency Dentist – Falls Church, SVAT 

We Can Get You Out of Pain Fast

Pained man who needs to visit his Falls Church emergency dentist

Dental emergencies never seem to take place at a convenient time. Maybe you’ve stumbled down the stairs and cracked a tooth only a few days before an important work trip, or maybe your spouse is complaining about severe oral pain before a fun day with the kids. Whatever the circumstances are, consider trusting your wellbeing in the hands of the Purple Plum Dentistry team. Dr. Kiani’s compassion and warmth towards her patients is unmatched in the greater Washington, D.C. area, and she will accommodate your dental emergency in record time. Contact us today for assistance!

Why Choose Purple Plum Dentistry for Emergency Dental Care?

  • Variety of Treatments & Advanced Equipment for Optimal Care
  • Same-Day Appointments for Emergency Patients Available
  • Numerous Options to Make Emergency Dental Care Affordable

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Pained woman calling her Falls Church emergency dentist

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we can get you out of pain fast. Here’s what you should do to get the care you need right away

  • Call us for a same-day appointment: Whether you’re an existing or new patient, we’ll do everything we can to see you for emergency treatment on the same day that you call us. We’ll also provide first-aid instructions for handling your situation until you arrive.
  • Get an emergency exam: When you arrive, your Falls Church emergency dentist will see you right away for an emergency exam and take any necessary X-rays to better determine the source and extent of your emergency.
  • Review the findings and make a plan: We’ll review our findings with you and fully explain all your treatment options. Then, we’ll work with you to put together a custom treatment plan that works for your needs and budget.
  • Get the care you need right away: Once you’re fully aware of the details of your chosen treatment, such as its length and cost, we’ll get to work repairing your smile. We’ll focus on preserving your teeth and helping you regain a healthy, pain-free smile.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Are you unsure if your situation qualifies as a dental emergency? We encourage you to give us a call anyways! We can help you assess your symptoms over the phone, determine how urgently you need to be seen, and provide personalized instructions on how to manage your emergency. Our highly experienced team is well-equipped to handle any oral health crisis you may be facing, including any of the following common dental emergencies.

An Experienced Dentist Who Truly Care

Woman smiles after receiving treatment for her toothache in Falls Church

Dr. Kiani’s history in the dental field spans over a decade now, and she is always in pursuit of new training and education in order to elevate her skills to even higher levels. She addresses dental emergencies from several angles, ensuring that the improvements she creates for patients are not only healthy, but cosmetically pleasing, long-lasting, and beneficial to the entire body as well. While it is not possible to turn back the clock on these kinds of painful events, her comprehensive approach is the next best option.

Dental Emergency FAQs

Man pointing at his smile

When you’re dealing with a dental emergency, you should have someone you can call to get it taken care of. However, what if you’ve never experienced a dental emergency before? You likely have questions not just about what to do, but whether or not what you’re seeing is a dental emergency at all. At Purple Plum Dentistry, we want to help you take away the guesswork. A great place to start is our FAQ, but you’re always welcome to call us directly if your question is not mentioned!

Learn More

Will my toothache go away on its own?

More often than not, toothaches do not go away on their own because they are not able to heal themselves like other areas of the body. For that reason, we encourage you to give us a call to schedule a checkup, even if you aren’t sure if it’s urgent. There are many causes for toothaches, and you won’t be able to know what’s going on until our dentist takes a look at the problem. By getting it done sooner rather than later, you reduce the risk of the issue becoming worse.

Should I visit the emergency room first for dental emergencies?

In most cases, emergency rooms are not equipped to handle or treat dental emergencies when they appear. As a result, they end up being given painkillers or antibiotics, then told to go to the dentist to get an exam. However, there are a few instances where an ER visit is actually the better option. For example, if you believe your jaw is broken or dislocated, there are serious cuts on your face, or you have an infection that’s affecting your ability to breathe, you should go to the hospital. In nearly all other cases, visiting us will provide a better outcome.

What does throbbing tooth pain mean?

When a tooth or the mouth in general is throbbing, it usually means an infection (or some sort of inflammation) is present. Another potential cause is air traveling inside the tooth through a cavity as well as bacteria being able to reach the inner area where the pulp is located. After this bacteria reaches the inside of the tooth, that’s how the infection develops. Decay can also lead to throbbing teeth. If you have a history of teeth grinding and clenching, you may also notice throbbing or sensitivity.

My chipped tooth doesn’t hurt. Do I still need to visit?

When a tooth is chipped, you should always schedule a visit with our office. Even when pain is not present, it’s entirely possible for the tooth to continue fracturing. This leaves the sensitive pulp portion exposed, making the tooth highly susceptible to infection. You also won’t know for sure if the tooth is already exposed until you get to our office. At the very most, you could wait a day or two to visit if you can’t get to our practice right away.