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Can You Brush Dentures While They’re in Your Mouth?

June 3, 2024

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patient cleaning dentures with a toothbrush

Are you a denture wearer looking to maintain your smile? Juggling work, family time, and denture care can be challenging. However, caring for your dentures is crucial for your overall health and provides numerous benefits beyond oral hygiene. While cleaning dentures while wearing them might seem convenient, it may not always be the most effective method. Keep reading to understand why.


How to Care for Your Dentures

April 3, 2024

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person caring for dentures

If you’re missing many or all of your teeth, dentures might be the solution for you. They’re a common choice for replacing missing teeth and can last about five to 10 years on average. To keep your dentures in good shape for as long as possible, it’s important to take care of them properly. Here are four tips on how to clean your dentures effectively.


What Difference Will Attaching My Dentures to Dental Implants Make?

March 13, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — purpleplumdentistry @ 8:49 pm
Illustration of implant dentures

Dentures are a wonderful way to replace missing teeth, but they can come with some difficulties. Traditional dentures are held in place with natural suction and sometimes denture adhesive, but they can lose their fit over time as the mouth changes shape. While this can be addressed temporarily with adjustments like denture relines from your dentist’s office, many patients will experience issues when speaking or eating due to their appliance sliding out of place. Here’s how dental implants can give your dentures a superior hold that won’t lead to embarrassing situations.


4 Facts About Dental Implants You Should Know

February 27, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — purpleplumdentistry @ 6:12 pm

Fun Fact on blue backgroundWhether you’re missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of them, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of dental implants. However, you might have also heard several disadvantages of the procedure. What if much of what you’ve heard is untrue? Don’t let rumors prevent you from replacing your lost teeth with the next best thing to what nature gave you. Here are 4 facts about dental implants you should know.


Common Dental Implant Terms You Should Know

January 23, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — purpleplumdentistry @ 3:05 am

Model showing each part of a dental implantIf you’re ready to replace your lost teeth with dental implants, you’re making an excellent investment. You’ll need to schedule a consultation with an implant dentist to see if they are right for you. Your dentist may use various terms that can sound like a foreign language. You don’t have to worry about any misunderstandings during your appointment. Here are the definitions of the top dental implant terms you should know.


Why Do I Need a Healthy Mouth Before Getting Cosmetic Dental Work?

December 13, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — purpleplumdentistry @ 11:25 pm
Woman shows gums

Ever since people figured out how to recognize their own reflections, they have fretted about how their smiles looked. Over the centuries, people have tried a wide variety of ways to make their teeth whiter, straighter, and prettier, and many of them would be considered rather terrifying by today’s standards. Luckily, a smile makeover involves treatments that can safely, effectively, and comfortably enhance a patient’s smile, but the patient’s mouth must be healthy first. Here’s why a patient must be in good oral health to receive cosmetic dentistry and how that can be achieved.


How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Progress in Your Career

November 2, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — purpleplumdentistry @ 8:23 pm
person with nice smile at job interview

As time passes, our smiles inevitably bear the marks of aging, from chipped teeth to discolored pearly whites. However, the good news is that cosmetic dentistry has the transformative power to breathe new life into your smile, making it a source of pride and confidence. This is particularly crucial if you’re on a quest for a new job, seeking a promotion, or aiming to impress potential clients. In the following sections, we’ll delve into how undergoing cosmetic dental treatments can significantly contribute to achieving the professional success you’ve been working for.


Transforming Your Smile? Ask These 5 Important Questions First

October 13, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — purpleplumdentistry @ 1:48 pm
A man smiling after his smile makeover

A smile makeover is a treatment plan that aims to completely revitalize your grin. It’s a significant decision—one that requires collaboration with your dentist to ensure that you’re on the same page. Once you’re ready to move forward with treatment, continue reading. Below are important questions to ask before diving in.


The Right Way to Use Invisalign Cleaning Crystals

September 22, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — purpleplumdentistry @ 2:20 pm
Close-up of a pair of Invisalign aligners

To straighten your teeth, your Invisalign aligners need to stay in your mouth for at least 20 to 22 hours every day. However, this means they will spend a lot of time in an environment where bacteria can build up on them. Not only can this result in your aligners becoming discolored, but it can also lead to oral health issues. Luckily, you can use Invisalign Cleaning Crystals to keep your aligners free of bacteria and harmful substances. Here is what you need to know about using this product the right way.


Is Invisalign a Solution for Problems with Your Bite?

August 19, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — purpleplumdentistry @ 3:40 pm
Close-up of a woman holding an Invisalign aligner

Invisalign can often be the perfect solution for individuals who don’t want to wear braces but still want to straighten their smiles. But while you may already know that Invisalign can improve the positioning of your teeth, could it also be used to correct an overbite or any other bite-related issues that may be bothering you? Your dentist is here with some important information about Invisalign and some of the changes it can make.

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