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4 Freedoms of Invisalign You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

September 22, 2022

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Gone are the days when you need to sit through years of having metal brackets and wires strewn across your mouth to achieve an aligned bite and easier to clean smile. While traditional braces may be great options for some patients still, many are turning to Invisalign in Falls Church, a modern and discreet orthodontic solution that utilizes clear, plastic aligners customized to address individual circumstances of gaps between teeth, crowding, and malocclusion. Read on to learn about four freedoms of Invisalign that you won’t want to miss out on.

Freedom to Eat What You Want

With metal braces, you’re restricted to eating certain soft and easy-to-chew foods to prevent accidentally breaking an archwire or causing a bracket to become unglued and halting your treatment. Not only can this extend your treatment time, but it can also be a huge letdown to give up your favorite meals and snacks.

Invisalign trays are removable, which means there’s no need to cut any foods out of your diet. Before you eat, you’ll always need to remove them from your mouth and store them in a protective case. This makes sitting down for dinner with friends or family members easy, more enjoyable, and simple—especially because you won’t have to ignore delicious temptations!

Freedom to Brush & Floss Your Way

One aspect of braces lifestyle is having to alter your oral hygiene routine and go out and purchase special flosses and toothbrushes to be able to reach the deep nooks and crannies between your brackets and wires where plaque and food debris are more likely to build up. With Invisalign aligners, simply take them out to gain access to all of the spaces in your mouth that you’ll need to clean to prevent cavities, gum disease, and other common oral health problems that could set back your treatment time if they developed.

Freedom to Socialize with Confidence

Some people are more confident showing the smile they were born with rather than one that’s undergoing construction with reflective metal brackets and wires. Invisalign clear aligners are transparent and hardly noticeable, even up close, so there’s significantly less chance that someone will bring up your orthodontic treatment unless you do first! That way, you can go into any social situation feeling more confident and comfortable.

Freedom to Be On-the-Go

If you have a busy lifestyle, Invisalign is a flexible and convenient orthodontic solution that could support you always being on-the-go. Every six to eight weeks, you’ll visit your dentist to retrieve the next sets of aligners in your treatment plan, no adjustments to brackets and wires necessary, and no worrying about routine visits to your orthodontist. So, before any trips you have planned, simply coordinate with your dentist to make sure you have the aligners you need to continue moving forward with your treatment until you get back.

Invisalign offers countless freedoms that make it an incredibly popular treatment option compared to cumbersome traditional braces. Not only do these advantages give you a leg-up in life, but they also make treatment more enjoyable, easy to accommodate, and comfortable, which makes it a worthy investment.

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At Purple Plum Dentistry, we have a committed and skilled team of three dentists who truly care about patients. Whether you’re coming to visit us for a routine checkup and cleaning or a treatment that offers long-lasting results, like Invisalign, we’ve got all of your bases covered. With a wealth of knowledge under our team’s belt, you’ll feel confident and comfortable with the care you receive. To learn more about Invisalign and schedule an initial consultation, visit our website or call 703-998-4244.

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