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5 Things to Include in a Dental Emergency Kit

June 17, 2022

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A dental emergency kit

Nobody intends for accidents to happen — they are, by definition, unintentional. However, they can and do occur, so you should always plan with that fact in mind. That includes planning for emergencies where you receive a dental injury. After all, it’s better to have a response ready should you chip a tooth or experience bleeding gums. That said, you should have a dental emergency kit you can rely on in certain situations. Here are five essential items you ought to include in it.

Medical-Grade Gloves

If a loved one or someone else in your home suffers a dental emergency, you should have latex or vinyl gloves in your kit. These will let you treat the individual without spreading infections, germs, and other harmful microbes.

Dental Mirror

The purpose of a dental mirror is to help you see a wound in the dark corners of your (or someone else’s) mouth. As such, the tool is extremely helpful for urgent care before visiting an emergency dentist.

You can buy one with an attached light, or you can get a separate flashlight for your kit as well.

Dental Floss

Sometimes dental emergencies involve food that’s stuck between your teeth. As the latter can cause discomfort and pain, have some dental floss in your emergency kit to provide needed relief.

After removing the offending food, you can treat the wound with rubbing alcohol.

Cotton Balls and Gauze

Cotton balls and gauze are great items that can stop bleeding and cushion a cheek. They can thus help with bloody gums or other wounded mouth areas. Just remember to keep them neatly packed so that they stay clean.


When combined with water, salt can help rinse and clean out a mouth if the cheek, gums, or tongue are injured. That way, you can prevent dirt particles and other bacteria from getting into the wound.

You can’t prepare for every possible accident that could happen. However, you can be ready the next time you or a loved one have a dental emergency. Just get out your kit with the above items, and you’ll be one step closer to restoring a smile!

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